Bla Bla et Bla

.......Exploring the contemporary

Collecting memories, Looking for my roots

Filling my box to the brim, Jumping outside the box

Waking up the child

Changing the perspective, Creating new patterns

Building another box.......


It is about memories, locked in a box. It is about life, and quest …
It is about broken faces : two different sides in one face. One side is interacting with the outside world, the other one is interacting with the inner world. It is about broken bodies split in 5 elements , looking for inside harmony. It is about motherhood, the link you could never get rid of : the ombilical cord. It is about being on a road , running, running far far away and always coming back to your roots…(2011)


What is your medium?
Many layers from ink or acrylic for capturing the instant and to release my energy and emotions. Adding fabrics, scratching papers, making abstraction with collages... Then oil and it wonderful glacis.

Why do you make art? Art is my way of talking, it is also a catharsis. I believe in the power of Art as an expression of our own mystery and a way to access what could not be told or remembered. I believe in the sensuality inherent to the art creation process between me and the materials.

What was the best advice given to you as an artist?
Make genuine art. No matter what is the trend or no matter if nobody likes your art.

Everyone has a vice. Care to call yourself out?
I am an art-shopaholic. Although I can not stand more than 20 mn in any shopping center or a high street boutiques, I could stay for ever in every art and craft store and can not go out without buying something.

Favourite cuss word? In French : Et Merde!

Most important tools you use? Knives, Brushes and my fingers. I like to feel the sensuality of the paintings , the fabrics , the charcoal mixing together with the canvas to shape the organic newborn forms.

Where is your studio? My studio is in South London, near Greenwich

Prefer to work with music or in silence? Music. I choose the music in the same harmony of the artwork I am making. I like to dance or sing and paint at the same rhythm , to stay in trance and giving birth to my paintings.

iTunes or records? iTunes

What’s around the corner from your place? The Thames , an abandoned fishing boat, warehouses , and a polish pub.

A piece of art you love? Schiele : Sitzender weiblicher Akt mit aufgestützen Ellbogen, 1914

Favorite contemporary artist? Paul Klee

Art School or Self-taught? Self -taught

What do you collect? Abandonned Objects

Which living or dead artist would you most like to meet? Oskar Schlemmer

Food or Sleep? Food

Photo references? Sometimes. It helps me remembering the feelings I had when I got an inspiration from the landscape, the object, the atmosphere.

How cleanly do you work? Very messy , but I need to start in a clear workspace.

Mottos or catchphrases? Just Art no Talk!

Traditional or Conceptual? I have always taken interest in approaching familiar ideas in new and unfamiliar ways. Acknowledge the past to build the future. To be conceptual without acknowledging the traditions is producing non sense concepts.

Religion or Pop Culture? Pop Culture

Is painting dead? N'importe quoi!